Author Opt In

For Returning Authors: About Opting In

You can only opt in or ask to be opted in if you are already in the Author database. If you're not in there, please sign up to register as a new author.

We ask, we encourage, no, we ENTREAT you to opt in via the instructions in the left column. Or at least give it a try. We can opt you in, but it requires manual data entry and there's only two of us who handle this on a part-time volunteer basis (along with everything else to do with the website, administration, and queries). This is a once-a-year effort for you of maybe 3.75 minutes. There are hundreds of you so 3.75 minutes multiplied by hundreds of authors add up to a lot of hours for us. Thank you for your cooperation.

You're totally on it

Just the basics. Log in. Click on 'My Account'. Click on Edit and then your Author profile. Scroll down and tick the box beside 'I will participate in AFI 2017'. Press SAVE. Done.

You can cook if you follow the recipe

Same steps as above, but in detail. We recommend reading through these steps first. If you'd like printable step-by-step instructions to follow along while you opt in, you can download them from the bottom of this column. Alternatively, open another browser window so you can switch back and forth to follow these instructions as you go through the steps.

1) First, LOG IN. You can do this from the User Login box on the right sidebar.

Easiest way to tell whether you've successfully logged in? You'll see two menu bars instead of one. Red and orange.

2) Scroll all the way up to the right corner of the screen, above the red banner, where you'll see 3 links:

My account | Log out | Messages.

3) Click on the My Account link

You will see your Account page, with two options: VIEW and EDIT.

4) Click on EDIT.

You will see two tabs: Account and another one labelled Author

5) Click on the AUTHOR tab

Scroll down to I will participate in AFI 2017

6) Tick the box beside it

And please review any other Author info that may be different this year (Publisher, travel status, etc.)

7) Press SAVE

You're done. Return to the HOME page, or click on Participating Authors on the orange menu bar to see that you're listed there, explore, or log out (using the link at the top right corner).

Want printable instructions?


You're hyperventilating already

There, there. Click here to email us your opt in request. Include your full name and province (we have a couple of authors with the same name).

Your name goes on the Participating Authors list once we enter it for you.