... and they're OFF !

The Authors for Indies Road Show is ready to hit the road!

When we first announced this initiative, we knew it would take a lot of coordination to work out a viable schedule. How viable would it be to create routes that brought authors to some of the same stores? How many stores could authors visit in one day without going on strike? Will any of the parties ever want to repeat the experience? 

Big thanks to the publishers for sponsoring the vehicles and coordinating with authors and stores! Lots of applause and thanks to the authors who agreed to travel in support of stores outside Toronto! And thank you to the destination bookstores for juggling your schedules to accommodate the vehicle routes!

We know that customers at these stores will be thrilled to chat with authors they don't often get to see. 

Here are the 2017 Authors for Indies Road Show vehicles, their authors and destinations. Please check individual store listings (FIND A STORE) or contact the bookstore for times when these authors will be at that store.