Another Story Bookshop: Understanding the Power of Books

Proudly independent and fiercely committed to promoting a range of literature and non-fiction, Another Story Bookshop is not your ordinary bookstore!

Located in the heart of Roncesvalles, we are your one-stop book-shopping destination. Looking for social justice literature? How about a book for your Grade 2 class on gender independent children? Or the latest on the politics of migration? Folk-tales from an indigenous perspective?  Or just some plain old revolutionary poetry? If it's not here, we’ll get it for you. At Another Story Bookshop, we have a mandate to carry books for children, young adults and adults with a focus on themes of social justice, equity, and diversity.

Our selection of books is not the "only story" at Another Story, our staff is a big part of who we are and how we operate. They are at the heart of what we do – they are highly trained, voracious, passionate readers who want to put the right book in your hands and will take the time to listen, find and make recommendations.

Our commitment to writers extends to our book launches and events. We love to connect our community of readers with our local writers, visiting scholars, travelling poets – we’ve even had dogs in for paw-signings (“Finding Momo”). 

Lastly, Another Story Bookshop understands the power of books. As an independent bookstore, we can carry books that the “big” bookstores won’t, or will be hard to find on-line. They may not be award winners, and they may be from small independent presses. To us they are gems, books that open our eyes to a world that is not recognized in the mainstream.

We carry books that have the power to take us to another place, help us understand the world we live in, or give us ideas to move our world forward. Or maybe, simply, the ability to escape for a few hours into another place.

So drop by, peruse our books and chat with our staff. Check out our community board and see what books we are launching next week.  And be sure to join us on April 30th for Authors for Indies Day.  Last year was wonderful, and we can’t wait to introduce you to some of our favourite authors and books again this year!

Another Story Bookshop is here to share stories.

Located the west end of Toronto, Another Story Bookshop sells a broad range of literature for children, young adults and adults with a focus on themes of social justice, equity, and diversity. We are a proudly independent bookstore with twenty-nine years of history and a commitment to providing quality customer service.

Another Story Book Shop 
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