Furby House Books: Bond Between Booksellers and Readers

We were booksellers without a home. Home is a bookstore to indie employees & The Avid Reader was closing after 21 great years. Yes, it was on happy terms but when Julie & I (a.k.a. Bibliobroads) were told that the final day would be March 31st, our first response was, “Oh No! What about Authors for Indies?!”  Not, “I have no job!” or something responsible. We are fueled by bookselling passion and the thought that we would lose our store, all of the wonderful customers, a place for our book club and #AFI2016 was simply too much. The ol’ Bibliobroads were broken-hearted booksellers.

Then, it happened - the magic that’s only found among independent bookstores. Mrs. Lou Pamenter, owner of Furby House Books, a gorgeous indie in the neighbouring town of Port Hope, asked if we would collaborate with them for Authors for Indies. Further, they have given our beloved book club a new home – free of charge – and will stock our picks. This would never occur in the corporate book business world where reading is an afterthought and books are solely a commodity. Furby House Books knows that we are crazy about books, especially Canadian writers, and that we’re fierce in our devotion to independent businesses. We read to live & live to read. The rest has become history in the making!

Furby House Books & Bibliobroads, along with the incredible generosity of 10 wonderful authors, have worked together to create an extraordinary event! All are exceptional writers, so easy to work with and said ‘yes’ without a hesitation. That, my friends, is the power of independents & the inherent grace of our Canadian authors. I proudly present the Authors for Indies 2016 lineup at Furby House Books! Jennifer Robson, Kurt Palka, Katherine Govier, Colin Campbell, Michael Redhill (pseudonym: Inger Ash Wolfe), Wayne Johnston, Elizabeth Abbott, Claire Mowat and Ann Walmsley. Unbelievable list, right? It’s true!!

What’s in store April 30th? We have soon-to-be star of the silver screen (fingers-crossed!), a 140 lb. surfing Newfoundland dog, featured in ‘Free Days with George’ appearing 2 days before their U.S. book tour, the astonishing (& prodigious) books of these combined authors, and their fabulous picks! Trade secret: we all love knowing what they recommend; it’s like a nosy person looking into a medicine cabinet, but for bookaholics!

Furby House Books & Bibliobroads share devotion: to the importance of indies everywhere, to the joy of reading, and the irreplaceable bond that exists between booksellers and readers. It’s truly all about the customers. Once you’ve had the pleasure of selling a book you adore and later find the feeling is reciprocated...there is truly no feeling quite like it. I call it bookselling bewitchment and bliss. No algorithm can duplicate that my friends! Wishing all of Canada an inspired & successful #AFI2016!

Bibliobroads Kelly Beers (Freelance Bookseller)

65 Walton Street
Port Hope, ON. L1A 1N2
Proprietor: Lou Pamenter

Phone: 905.885.7296
Fax: 905.885.9469
Email: info@furbyhousebooks.com