How Publishers Can Contribute to AFI

2017 is Authors for Indies’ third year. With all the support we’ve had this year for initiatives such as the AFI Road Show, Adopt-a-Bookstore, and the country-wide contest for Kevin Sylvester limited edition prints, we believe we’re on our way to another successful year. When indie bookstores have a successful day, publishers and their authors also benefit.

Unike Indies First! and Independent Bookstore Day in the US, AFI is 100% volunteer-run. We hope you think Authors for Indies is of value and want it to be a sustainable, long-term event. Well, here are some suggestions for how you can contribute to AFI’s ongoing success.

Stuff you want to do anyway:

  • Get your authors to participate. In fact, get some of your most established authors to participate. Stating the obvious, but bookstores do better when they can promote attendance by a bestselling author.
  • Help place your authors in bookstores. Authors can be shy.
  • Promote. Allocate time to promote on social media, blog on your own website, articles in your newsletters, outreach to your partners.
  • Discount books. Offer bookstores discounts on books by participating authors.
  • Donate books. For stores to use as door prizes.
  • Donate swag. For stores. Gift items branded with your logo (t-shirts, book bags, tea towels, note pads, etc.)

Stuff that gets you Sponsor status

  • Sponsor promo materials. Our designer has created bookmarks, shelf-talkers, and posters (above). If you print and provide any of these items to bookstores, we will add your logo to the design(s) and make you a sponsor. If you’re interested, email
  • Authors for Indies Road Show. If you can round up enough authors to fill a car, you can do this! Get your reps to contact bookstores to see which ones would welcome a car full of authors. Then rent a vehicle, or get staff to volunteer, or organize authors to car pool. Yes, you can do this for other cities besides Toronto. We hear that some publishers are trying to organize a car or two in Vancouver. All we ask is to please contact Kate Hilton and inform her about your route.
  • Donate 6 hours of PR time to AFI: We need more PR professionals for wider coverage and smooth execution of our PR plans. As a part-time member of the AFI PR team, your volunteer would work with our PR coordinator to target specific regions and media channels. If you’re interested, contact Robin Rivers
  • Donate to the AFI website: Development, maintenance, security certificates, domain name ownership, hosting. The Authors for Indies website represents our single largest expense. It’s time to ask for your support on this. To learn how to contribute, email

We want Authors for Indies to be an event that Canadian book lovers look forward to every year. This means we’re in it for the long haul, and we hope all of you are too.