A Kevin Sylvester Exclusive for Indie Bookstores

Children’s author, illustrator, and all-around good guy Kevin Sylvester is donating his time and talent to Authors for Indies. As you read this, he’s putting final touches on the illustration for a limited edition print being created especially in support of Authors for Indies Day. We understand it features Canadian flora and fauna, books, and of course - a bookstore.

Here’s the best part: 20 signed copies of this print will be available in a prize draw to customers who come to stores on Authors for Indies Day. Kevin’s publisher, Simon & Schuster Canada, will provide contest entry ballots for all participating bookstores.  

There are plans for Kevin Sylvester to announce the winners via a live-stream on Facebook, and the signed prints will be delivered to stores where the lucky winners submitted their forms – we want photos of customers receiving their prizes!

This is a great incentive for customers to come in on Authors for Indies Day. So get a box ready for those contest entry ballots and a big envelope to return the forms to Simon & Schuster Canada. We’ll be promoting this prize draw like crazy and hope you will too.

Simon & Schuster is also designing a poster you can download and print to assist with your promotion. We'll let you know when it's ready!