Kevin Sylvester Print Contest Details


[This is the same information that was in an e-newsletter that went out this morning to participating booksellers. So if you misplace that email, it's right here in this blog].

Booksellers! By now you should have your box of goodies for the Kevin Sylvester Limited Edition Print Contest: ballot forms and a beautiful poster. If you haven’t received it yet, it’s because you only confirmed participation within the last 10 days. Fear not. Contest sponsors Simon & Schuster will be doing another shipment to latecomers.

Contest details and what happens next:

1) Promote to your customers – newsletter, emails, in-store. Let them know the contest runs on April 29 only.

2) Print off extra posters as needed. Log in to and click on RESOURCES and then PROMOTIONAL. You will find downloadable PDFs for 8.5 x 17 and 8.5 x 11 posters.

If you are still waiting for your ballots and poster, don’t let this stop you from promoting the event. Download a poster!

3) On April 29, set up a display and ballot box! 

4) Make sure your store name is on all completed ballots. The ballot form includes a line for customers to write in bookstore name. Before you send in the completed ballots, check to make sure each one actually has your store name on it. If you have a stamp for your store, stamping the backs of ballots might be the best way to make sure your store name is there and legible.

5) Send completed ballots ASAP to Simon and Schuster. The draw will take place on Monday, May 8. Send to:

Amy Prentice
Simon & Schuster Canada
166 King Street East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5A 1J3

6) Winners: On May 8, Simon and Schuster will pick 20 winners and Kevin Sylvester will announce them via a live Facebook event. S&S will also contact the winners and associated stores via email. The signed prints will be sent to stores for pick up unless the customer is unable to go to the store.

7) Promotion activity for stores with winners: Please have the winning customers come to your store to pick up their prizes, if possible. Celebrate. Take photos and/or videos. Post them on social media. Simon & Schuster, Kevin Sylvester, and Authors for Indies will promote what you post.

If you run out of ballots or if your box of ballots does not arrive in time: Worry not, we have Plan B. There will be a downloadable PDF of the ballot to print at least a week before the event. Log in to and click on RESOURCES and then PROMOTIONAL.

Good luck, everyone!
The teams at Authors for Indies and Simon & Schuster