Message to Booksellers from Mary-Ann Yazedijian

Dear Booksellers:

It’s taken this long to get around to a formal thank you for signing up to this event.  Thank you!

My name is Mary-Ann Yazedjian. I’m the manager of the Main Street Book Warehouse in Vancouver and also the co-president of the BC Booksellers Association. I’ve been helping Authors for Indies and providing input from the booksellers’ point of view.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help.

Right now, the single most important thing you can do is invite authors to your store. Because most authors are shy. And we’re Canadian, so we hate to impose. We’re waiting for their emails, they’re waiting for ours. 

Check out Step 2: Contact an Author on this page:!store-info/cs4p


  • Invite authors you don’t know – it’s a great opportunity to build new relationships.
  • Invite authors from your closest metropolitan area.  Think of ‘local’ as ‘same province’!
  • Invite more than one author – so far there are 96 stores and 270+ authors signed up. It may be easier for authors to say ‘yes’ if they can do just a few hours instead of making an all-day commitment.
  • Invite authors of different genres – fiction, non-fiction, YA, teen, kids, cooking – so that you can host a day the whole family can enjoy
  • If there are authors you know and want to invite, but they haven’t signed up, send them the link to the Authors for Indies website. 

Please remember Step 3: Add an Author to Your Store Details and confirm your authors before March 15, because we want customers and media to be excited when the website goes public on March 15.

  • Customers will take notice of stores who are hosting authors. You don’t want your listing to read ‘TBA’.
  • If the media want to interview a store, they are far more likely to pick a store with authors listed.

Over the next two months you’ll be receiving emails from various members of the AFI team with news, suggestions, and marketing support materials that we think you’ll find useful.

Questions? Please remember that we are just a tiny team of volunteers (and one highly underpaid web designer). Read the website, especially the About and Store Sign Up pages. If you still can’t find the answer you need, email us at: