Penguin Random House Throws Big Time Support Behind AFI

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 21:21 -- admin

Once again Penguin Random House Canada is throwing its support behind Authors for Indies 2016!







On Thursday April 28, thanks to PRH, Classical 96 Radio in Toronto aired their Publishing Insider segment, an interview with authors Guy Gavriel Kay and Janie Chang about Authors for Indies.   Listen to the interview. 

On Saturday, April 23 PRH ran a half-page ad in The Globe and Mail, a week before Authors for Indies Day. This will spread the word nationally to people who might not be regular customers of independent stores and who might not see local or store-based promotions.

The publisher will also:

  • Offer discounts on books by participating authors; details will be made available to bookstores. 
  • Provide book donations to individual stores to support their Authors for Indies initiatives; details will be made available to bookstores
  • Promote Authors for Indies via its social media channels in the weeks leading up to April 30
  • Run an Authors for Indies banner on the PRH Canada website beginning April 22

Many, many thanks to Penguin Randon House, especially Tracey Turriff, Penguin Random House's SVP and Director of Corporate Communications.