Authors for Indies is a national grassroots movement in support of independent bookstores. It's a day when authors take time to give back to the bookstores who support us every day of the year by volunteering as guest booksellers. We meet and greet customers, recommend books, tell our friends and relatives to come to the store where we are working. Hundreds of authors across Canada have done this for the past three years. It's been a national phenomenon. 

But running such an event takes a lot of time, coordination, skills, and budget. Authors for Indies - or something like it - needs more than what our team of volunteers can provide. It needs institutional-level support. Another organization has stepped up to take on the 2018 event. At this time they ask us not to name them since they are still putting together a team and a budget; they will make an announcement when they are ready.

The Authors for Indies team thanks everyone who has supported the event and hope you continue your support - whatever the next chapter brings!